Thursday, August 14, 2008

Confirmed: They're Still Nuts in LA LA Land!

Courtesy of Ace of Spades HQ

LA City Council Vote Unanimously That "Big Box Stores" Such as Home Depot Must Provide Shelters, Bathrooms, and Water for the Illegal Immigrants Day Laborers Illegally Loitering on Their Property

These guys group up outside of Home Depot waiting to be picked up by illegal immigrant employers day laborer employers.

So, the city has decided that not only do they apparently have the right to illegally loiter on someone else's property advertising their illegal trade, but that the property-owner in question must set aside some of his property and provide shelter, bathrooms, and water to people that have nothing at all to do with them. (And who, let's face it, they'd rather not have hanging around their businesses at all.)

This is, I hope, an instant lawsuit. If the city wants to facilitate illegal day labor, fine, that's their business, but it's a public service -- to be paid for by public funds. The city has no right to simply begin passing laws requiring private citizens and businesses to pick up the costs of their own public services scheme.

Hey, how about for a next step the LA City Council votes that McDonald's and Wendy's have to build, maintain, and operate its rinky dink subway system?

Why not? Illegal immigrants Day laborers need public transportation more than most, and hell, McDonald's and Wendy's have the money, right?

Coming soon: Parking lot operators must provide condoms, spermicide, and an on-call gynecologist for the hookers that walk the streets within one blocks of their lots.

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