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Global Warming Humor

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Arctic Ice Refuses to Melt as Ordered by Global Warming Projections; In Fact, Ice is Thicker Than It Was Last Year


Maybe a superhuman force for good intervened
and saved us all.

"The Great Arctic Ice Mystery:"

Just a few weeks ago, predictions of Arctic ice collapse were buzzing all over the internet. Some scientists were predicting that the "North Pole may be ice-free for first time this summer". Others predicted that the entire "polar ice cap would disappear this summer".

The Arctic melt season is nearly done for this year. The sun is now very low above the horizon and will set for the winter at the North Pole in five weeks. And none of these dire predictions have come to pass. Yet there is, however, something odd going on with the ice data.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado released an alarming graph on August 11, showing that Arctic ice was rapidly disappearing, back towards last year's record minimum. Their data shows Arctic sea ice extent only 10 per cent greater than this date in 2007, and the second lowest on record....

The problem is that this graph does not appear to be correct. Other data sources show Arctic ice having made a nice recovery this summer. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center data shows 2008 ice nearly identical to 2002, 2005 and 2006. Maps of Arctic ice extent are readily available from several sources, including the University of Illinois, which keeps a daily archive for the last 30 years

Even if one takes the alarmists' data as correct -- that ice has "merely" increased by 10 percent this year, rather than 30 -- all those drama queen predictions, dripping with emotional hyperbole, of an "Arctic free of ice this summer' are dead wrong.

Look, making predictions is a fucking fundamental element of science. It's what tests theories and shows them to be right, wrong, or somewhere in the middle (flawed, incomplete, what have you).

These suckers of cock continue making predictions and they're always wrong.

But they do not seem to adjust their theories at all.

Next year, we'll hear of the Great Arctic Ice Melt-Off again. And again it won't happen. And the MSM will continue trumpeting these dire predictions, and never once mention we've heard this all before, and it was wrong.

Thanks to Arthur for the link and the The Great Slublog for the photoshop.

Oh: And check this guy out. A NJ politician demands Corzine repeal all global warming measures because (and I believe he's being puckish here) the new predictions call for 10+ years of global cooling before the earth starts melting again.

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