Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Granny Got Her Gun

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Thanks to LC Crunchie and LC & IB Michelle Malkin, we bring you this wonderful heartwarming story of joy which is only marred by the absence of a death count:

According to police, a 17-year-old suspect was attempting to burglarize [85-year-old] Leda Smith overnight.

Which turned out to be a very bad idea on the part of the goblin.

That’s when Smith grabbed her gun and told the teen that she would shoot him if he moved, police said.

“I had the gun on him before he turned around and said, ‘you’ve had it,’ ” Smith told Channel 11-News.

“You be vewy, vewy quiet, young man, or that pretty face of yours will have holes in it that it didn’t use to have all of a sudden. And would it kill you to wipe your feet on the doormat before you enter the house?”

According to police, Smith ordered the boy to dial 911 and then gave him some advice.

Sound advice too:

“Dial 911 and don’t attempt to throw the phone at me, or do anything bad or I’ll just shoot you,” Smith said.

“…and that would make a dreadful mess which would make me very upset.”

Way to go, Ma’am. The Empire salutes you. The dumbass goblin, on the other hand, will have an interesting story to tell his fellow inmates when the inevitable “how’d you get caught?” comes up.

Of course, if the GFWs had their way, granny would be another statistic by now and the goblin would be at large, spending his ill-gotten gains freely while plotting his next heist.

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