Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Lame Can You Get?

So, Russia and Georgia are going at it. Georgia got sucked in by the Reds and got its ass kicked. Not too smart but they had to do it. But what gets me is the oh so lame response from the Obambi. He calls for UN action to end the conflict. What a dope! Russia sits on the Security Council and can/will veto any resolution that comes up.

This guy wants to lead the free world? We're really in trouble if the doofus gets elected. The race is tight but I'm afraid this guy will get into office. Can you imagine how bad its going to be if Pelosi, Reed, Durbin, Schumer et al get their way. A veto proof majority and Supreme Court appointees will screw us up for years to come.

And its all our own fault. We let the repubs go wild on us and we'll probably continue to vote them back in. The real issue is when will we get some quality candidates to put in office? Politicians are not honorable to begin with. What did Groucho say? If I were a member of this country club, I wouldn't want me for a member.

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