Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HuffPo Reaction to Margaret Thatcher's Dementia

If you get a chance, head over to Huffpo.com and check out the reaction to Thatcher's mental downturn. In fairness, many show a lot of class and are sympathetic.

Thatcher was a great lady because she had convictions and stuck by them. Golda Meir was the same way. They served the people and expediency be damned. Regan had it and so does Bush. I wish we had more public servants like these.

Yet I never cease to be amazed at the vitriol expressed by the left when it comes to the problems of public figures that are not liberals. If you can figure it out, please share it. Some examples:

God bless Lady Thatcher!

It it"s wonder that there is so little accomplished in the country (politically speaking). Too many of our citizens prefer to call names or attack the person. We seem to have lost the ability to debate issues without allowing emotions (hatred) to block reasoning and arguments. The last hope of an ineffective argument is to attack the person not their argument or position. This is true of all sides of the political argument. Change is a nice word. But from what to what. Neither Dems nor GOP can claim any real specific ideas. It is all political posturing.

Didn't always agree with her politics but always admired her style. Unlike Reagan she was her own person and not the product of her handlers. Like Reagan she should now just have the good grace to exit the stage completely.

Maintaining that spiffy hairstyle over the years must have taken a few thousand truckloads of hairspray; not to mention stripped away numerous stratums off the ozone layer. Abject life lesson here children: Solvent abuse [ hairspray dependency ] tends to turn the brain to jelly! Not at all surprising her memory is shot...

What a sweet old lady ... She never let compassion inter in any of her decisions which affected so many.

Frankly, I feel nothing for her. She was mean to workers, people of humble means and, she was a warmonger. She killed a lot of people to get the farcical title of iron lady. Now Dementia has her. All the iron is gone.

I agree, and have no compassion for her whatsoever.

I was very sad to hear it. Did not agree with the politics, but the most powerful female in the free world rocked!!!!

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