Friday, August 15, 2008

Georgia on my Mind

Just saw the news conference on FOX with Condi Rice and Sakashvili from Tblisi. The Georgian PM calls the Russkies 21st century barbarians and he’s right of course. Where the hell is out support for the people and government of Georgia? They sent their troops to Iraq and Afghanistan because we asked and they believe in freedom. Where are we when they need help? Even if we are spread thin as far as the military is concerned, we should still do something. Like send some A 10s or Apaches in to kill a few tanks and provide ground support. We need to do something about this now rather than waiting for the USSR to move on Ukraine or Poland or the Czech republic.

How about NATO or the EU? Where are they in this thing? What a bunch of weak lamers. Just what one would expect from a bunch of socialists. Assholes.

Get on the stick, Bush!!!! Send them some help. Any help beside humanitarian aid.


Saw this on Hot Air

Allahpundit discusses John Bolton's comments on Georgia. Kinda mirrors my thoughts but of course they say it more coherently.

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