Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Russia vs. Georgia

With the Komic Klownshoe Konvention going on, this has fallen off the radar for the most part. The Russkies counted on this no doubt. Start the ball rolling during the Olympics and let the convention knock it off the front pages. At least in the US. Don't know how Europe feels about it 'cause I'm too lazy to look. I'm guessing that the Eunuchs are wringing their hands and doing nothing like they always do.

No, the bigger problem here is that we (US) did nothing. Georgia got their ass handed to them and they're our friend if not an ally, and we did shit for them. I think we have an obligation to our friends. Friendship is a two way street. They stepped up when we called for troops in Iraq and we did little more than provide airlift services for their troops.

Now I know we're spread kinda thin but we do have some resources (NATO) in Germany and scattered around Europe and Turkey. The least we could have done and should have done was to send in the air assets we had available. I'm not for war for the sake of war but some F-16s for ground support coupled with some AH-64 Longbows would have sent a message to the Putin Pukes. If they want to play with the big dogs then they need to know what the consequences would be. Regardless of what the Libs say, a nuclear exchange over Georgia would never happen. Its just not worth it.

If we provided this support then the next time the commies got adventuresome, they'd think at least twice before making a move. Now they might decide to move against Ukraine or one of the other former satellites. This is just not acceptable. Our window of opportunity on this one has closed. We're reduced to veiled (empty) threats and diplomacy.

I want them to know that we're the Wicked Witch of the West. When the Scarecrow gets up in your face, you reply "Wanna play ball, Scarecrow?" as you hurl the fireball with deadly accuracy at your opponent. No lucky water bucket toss will bail you out of this situation. That's the stuff of fairy tales. Let's not forget that if we give 'em an inch they'll take Eastern Europe back.

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