Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Check out this article from the UK Daily Express. Is this what's in store for the US? It is if we continue to be hamstrung by the Dems when it comes to our energy. They are against drilling offshore, use of coal, shale oil, and nuclear. They're for wind, solar, geothermal, and ethanol. All expensive and not ready for prime time by a long shot.

If we listen to the Dems and go along with their policies, we'll be driving way less or not at all, paying way more for the privledge, giving up meat, and wrecking our economy by subscribing to carbon reduction schemes.

The future is bleak indeed if you listen to the left. What should we do? How about drilling like crazy, licensing & building more nuclear plants and putting the climate eggheads to work on figuring out how to sequester carbon. Oh yeah, we should get the private sector working on solar, wind, geo etc. with a minimum of government involvement. IMO. Click the title for the complete article.

By Jason Groves

Britain is “quite simply running out of power” and blackouts are almost inevitable within the next few years.

This is the stark warning from the head of an energy think-tank who believes power cuts could be serious enough to spark civil disorder.

Campbell Dunford of the respected Renewable Energy Foundation said: “It’s almost too late to do anything about it. Nothing will stop us having to pay very high prices for power in future.

“If we pull our finger out now we can limit blackouts but it’s going to be pretty grim whatever happens.”

Gordon Brown pledged last week to end Britain’s reliance on the “dictatorship of oil” but Mr Dunford believes the Prime Minister’s new interest in the security of energy supplies may have come too late.

Only last Thursday, National Grid issued an urgent call for power after a series of power station breakdowns. Suppliers were asked to bring all their available generating capacity online, including costly oil-fired stations.

In May, hundreds of thousands of people in Cleveland, Cheshire, Lincolnshire and London suffered blackouts when seven power stations were closed.

The electricity industry estimates it needs to spend £100billion on new stations to ensure supplies.

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