Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Election Will Change Nothing, Says Obama-Backer Fr. Pfleger

Father Pfleger to the rescue! This is a little old but still worth a quick read. Is this a desertion by Pfleger? Nah, just the dimwit opening his yap and sticking his foot in there. Click the title for the rest of the article.

- Fr. Michael Pfleger -- long-time friend of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who he endorsed for president early on – said nothing will change in America no matter who is elected in November, apparently contradicting Obama's famous campaign slogan, "Change We Can Believe In."

“If you are silly enough to think that a new person in the White House can change the situation,” said Pfleger in an Aug. 3 sermon, “that's like saying we got good food in prison now but you're still in prison, stupid. Yeah, you got a new menu but you're still behind bars in case you didn't notice."
Pfleger is the pastor of St. Sabina’s Catholic Church in Illinois. On May 25, Pfleger spoke at Trinity United Church of Christ, where Obama worshipped for two decades, and attacked Obama’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, with mocking remarks and innuendos. Obama resigned from Trinity United several days later.

In his Aug. 3 homily, Pfleger warned his congregation of "a danger" looming in America because people are "looking for some knight in shining armor to save us all." He essentially preached that people should not rest their hopes, their faith on a president or a political issue but on God.

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