Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain vs Obama: Who will end the war on science?

Here's an interesting piece from New Scientist. Published in the UK, this otherwise respected magazine is well known for its unbending support for AGW. The article below contends that the current administration is at war with science. In order to be at war, there must be some kind of animosity on one side or the other. In this case, the animosity is from the egghead science community. Note that the article mentions that the current administration "tried to muzzle" so called climate expert James Hanson. That individual is a rabid AGW supporter. In addition, the administration has a policy of letting matters of policy be discussed only by senior members of the executive branch. Also, the article calls out the administration for " suppressing" science. It takes awhile but the real thrust of the article is a plea for funds found near the bottom. Look for mentions of AGW that need to be addressed.
... 2007 America Competes Act, which calls for a doubling in funding for basic research in the physical and engineering sciences.
However, the article admits that the US leads the world:

The US leads the world
40% of global R&D expenditure
70% of Nobel prizewinners
75% of world's top 40 universities by quality of education and research
I guess the eggheads just feel they're not getting their fair share of the taxpayer's dollars. Click the title for the complete article.

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