Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not Politically Correct? You Decide

Just another example of Muslims who believe they deserve special consideration for their beliefs. Its Ramadan and the issue is time set aside for breaking their fast after sundown. It was supposedly negotiated but then later changed by management.

One of the non Muslim workers points out, correctly so, that this is special treatment that other religions aren't afforded. Christians during Lent are not given special accommodation. Jews during Holy Days can choose to stay home or come to work and abide by the rules.

Political Correctness is action? You decide. Click the title for the entire article courtesy of the Greely Tribune.

More than 150 Muslim workers didn't report to their meatpacking plant jobs Monday in the wake of what they called JBS Swift & Co.'s sudden reversal of accommodation for their religious fasting during Ramadan.

The workers initially planned a two-mile march from downtown Greeley's Lincoln Park to the plant, but a gathering that formed mid-morning never left the park. Throughout the day, several Greeley police officers watched from the park's edge.

Company officials met with several workers Monday afternoon at the plant, and Somali representatives later spoke with workers in downtown Greeley.

Graen Isse, a Swift worker and group spokesman, said the workers would not discuss details of their grievances, which were supplied to Swift in writing, until the company responded. He said he expected to hear from Swift Tuesday morning.


Ramadan is one of the most important parts of the Muslim calendar. The fasting, which lasts a month, is one of the five pillars of the Muslim religion. The month, based on the Muslim lunar calendar, requires Muslims to fast from sunrise until sunset. The fast is a method of purification, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


Friday afternoon, about 150 non-Muslim Swift workers protested the company's break-time accommodation of the Muslims. They said that the change was unfair to workers of other religious beliefs who don't receive similar concessions.


Joe Rios, a day-shifter for nine months at Swift, said he felt the Somalis were asking for special treatment and "taking advantage of our kindness" in America. He said "most of us" at Swift are Catholic and observe a month of Lent each year without seeking work concessions based on religion.

"I think it's either you want to make money and work and put your prayers aside or you stay home," he said.

Rios said he'd heard that some disgruntled Muslim workers damaged property in the Swift parking lot Friday.

Tymkowych said police, who responded to the release of workers Friday night, didn't encounter any vandalism. "If it happened inside (the plant), they didn't tell us about it," he said.

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