Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's Old is New Again

While watching Cash Cab with my daughter, one of the answers to a question was R. Crumb, a cartoonist from the 70's. I remember him well. I was a fan of the Furry Freak Brothers, Fritz the Cat and others. Anyway, I looked up some of his cartoons and one of them (shown here) features Mr. Natural. He's sitting down with his followers (titled The Last Supper) and he pronounces pearls of wisdom. This one being:

He who shits in the road will meet flies on his return. Take heed.
I find this to be applicable to today's election cycle. If one listens to BHO, he repeats his pithy sayings that have little or no substance and his followers hang on every word. No matter that bloggers point out the lack of content, the chosen one's lackeys ignore it. Ditto the MSM. Substance counts for nothing, delivery is everything. His lackey's are not the real problem though. They'll never get it until the catastrophe occurs. However, the independents worry me. If they don't pay attention to substance but are taken in by the honeyed words, then the election is a foregone conclusion. Herein lies the greatest danger. The trick is to get to the undecideds and demonstrate the lack of substance. The blogosphere just doesn't have the reach to do this. No one believes the MSM and that includes FOX too. The view is that they're all in the tank for someone.

BHO has shit in the road & I'm getting ready to meet the flies on the return trip.

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