Saturday, December 10, 2011

Inconvenient Truths

Top 10 Inconvenient Truths about Global Warming

by Human Events

Global warming alarmists are getting a chilly reception these days as the public is starting to catch on to something that we have been yelling about for years: The whole thing is a scam. And here are the reasons why: The Top 10 Inconvenient Truths about Global Warming.

1. Climategate, Part 2: A second, massive batch of damaging e-mails has been released that casts into question the scientific integrity of climate researchers. In the e-mails, a key group of climate scientists made clear they had a predetermined goal to prove man-made global warming will have dire consequences. References are made to hiding evidence and destroying e-mails, to computer models that aren’t accurate, and some even criticized scientists who are “not helping the cause.” These scientists can’t be trusted, nor do their theories live up to the oft-described label of “settled science.”

2. Evidence of natural causes: Evidence is growing that the small amount of warming seen in the 1980s and 1990s was caused by natural events and was not “man-made.” Prominent scientists have advanced theories that solar eruptions, tidal activity and other natural factors have warming tendencies. Considering the Earth has always had periods of warming and cooling (remember the Ice Age?), why would an increase of 0.8 degrees Celsius over a hundred years be of such concern?

3. Skeptical scientists: Despite the smug claims that man-made global warming is “settled science,” there are plenty of prominent scientists who take exception. Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ivar Giaever resigned from his post at the American Physical Society, saying the global temperature has been “amazingly stable,” while condemning the group’s stand that evidence for global warming was “incontrovertible.” And over a thousand international scientists have added their names to a list of those disagreeing with global-warming tenets.

4. Flat temperatures: If you want a laugh, go to the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center near Laurel, Md., run by the U.S. Geological Survey, and look at its global warming exhibit. Installed in the 1990s, it contains a graphic of future temperature gains, with predictions soaring over the next decades. Fifteen years of reality show their dire forecasts were wrong as temperatures instead plateaued.

5. False predictions: Global warming alarmists consistently make predictions that turn out false. After several years of mild winters during the early 2000s in the Northeast, the true-believers bemoaned that snow was gone forever—until the region was socked several years later with a string of severe winters with deep snowfall. Katrina was said to be a harbinger of massive hurricanes, glaciers were supposedly going to disappear by 2035, rainforests were endangered, polar bears dying. All of these are outright falsehoods refuted by evidence.

6. Ground station scandal: Scientists seeking to prove global warming (see No. 1) have been frustrated by the failure of temperatures (see No. 4) to match their vaunted computer models. Their solution hasn’t been to adjust their theories, but to fudge the data. Witness how temperature-monitoring stations around the globe have been eliminated, mostly from colder areas, while remaining stations are more likely placed near urban areas, skewing the data.

7. Economic impact: In order to pacify the climate alarmists, the United States would have to accept the prospect of a long-term moribund economy. Their plan to “save” the planet includes the fantasy of green jobs which, even when heavily subsided, can’t compete in the marketplace. Their cap-and-trade plan would have raised energy costs. Now, Hollywood stars are giving voice to blocking a pipeline that would provide thousands of jobs.

8. Benefits of warmth: A little warming isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What’s wrong about a longer growing season in Northern Europe, a thawed Northwest Passage in Canada, or easier energy extraction in Siberia? Not to mention the economic impact of lower heating bills in New England.

9. Public support drops: For awhile, aided by a compliant media, global warming advocates were successful in swinging public opinion to their cause. No more. Acceptance of global warming as a top concern has steadily been falling, far behind jobs, the economy and immigration, and not even landing in the Top 10 issues for Americans in a recent Rasmussen poll.

10. Hypocrisy: UN delegates jet into Durban, South Africa, to wine and dine like royalty at the latest global warming confab. Al Gore cashes in, making millions by profiteering on the alarm caused by his highly inaccurate An Inconvenient Truth. Hollywood stars denounce the masses while creating enormous carbon footprints. The hypocrisy is so thick that even a dose of global warming couldn’t cut through the fog.


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